Quick Start

, by DnC

Quickly create a first monitoring task in three simple steps.

1. Acquire a subscription

To subscribe to NNS Lite, go to the i-Tego SaaS site at the page: Network Soft Scanning (NSS) .

Everything happens as on a classic sales site: choose a product, place an order and pay online.
There will come a time when you will have to identify yourself and, if you do not already have an account on i-Tego SaaS, you will have to create your account.

Once the acquisition has been finalized, the application can be used immediately on this site, with the identifiers (login and password) recorded during the creation of your account.

2. Configure a task

Once the subscription has been validated, go to the Manage section and click on: Create a task.
The following form appears.

For simple monitoring, you just need to enter a Title and an URL:

Your first monitoring works, as you can see on the home page.

3. Configure notification

You now want to receive a message in the event of a malfunction. Go to the page Manage notifications.

All you have to do is enter the e-mail address to which you want the messages to be sent in the "E-mail alert recipients" field. Several addresses can be entered.

For a start, leave the other fields blank or keep the default values.

And then ?

 See the alerts history on the page Alerts,
 Create new tasks if your subscription allows it,
 See the list of your tasks and modify them,
 Go to your account on i-Tego SaaS and follow the products to which you are subscribed.

About login credentials

To access all applications and the i-Tego SaaS system itself, you use only one set of identifiers: the login and password that you saved when you created your account.

The login cannot be changed.
Forgot your password ? Meet here.