AutoPanel : Self-refreshing panels

, by DnC

NSS offers three summary panels whose data are periodically refreshed automatically.
In addition to these panels showing information about all the tasks, there is a summary page for observing a given task.

Access panels

The panels are accessed by the "Boxes", "Fullscreen" and "Lines" buttons present in the Home page and at the head of the monitoring pages:

Auto refresh

Automatic refresh takes two forms:
 The background color of boxes and graphs is updated every minute to reflect the status of the alert (priority). This does not update the data, and in particular, not the graphics.
 The entire page is updated every 10 minutes. This updates the data and graphics.

Warning: due to the computation load induced by the automatic refresh, the intervals indicated and the availability of the various functionalities described in this page are subject to limitations depending on the subscriptions and / or the use made of them.

AutoPanel Boxes

AutoPanel Lines

AutoPanel Fullscreen

This panel is designed to be displayed permanently and to be visible from a distance, for example on a separate screen clearly visible in an open space [1].

Click on the task title to access the summary page:

Summary for a task

This is the most useful panel for tracking the progress of a task reporting errors.
It allows you to see the details of the last two alerts (1), the response time graph, and to navigate to the other views (2) et (3).


[1The panel is first opened over the entire surface of the browser window. Press the F11 key to switch to full screen mode.