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    , by DnC

    NSS monitors the proper functioning of a website and alerts the owner in the event of a slowdown or a breakdown. It is the most basic functionality of NSS and the most immediate to implement.
    But NSS Pro is capable of much more, such as reporting a page hijacking or monitoring the DNS, testing (...)

  • Quick StartRead more of «Quick Start»

    , by DnC

    Quickly create a first monitoring task in three simple steps.
    1. Acquire a subscription To subscribe to NNS Lite, go to the i-Tego SaaS site at the page: Network Soft Scanning (NSS) .
    Everything happens as on a classic sales site: choose a product, place an order and pay online. There will (...)

  • HTTP monitoring rulesRead more of «HTTP monitoring rules»

    , by DnC

    NSS allows to regularly send an HTTP request, waits for a response and interprets it by applying rules. If an error situation is detected, NSS generates an alert.
    The HTTP monitoring rules offered by NSS Lite allow you to not only verify that a website is functioning and has not been hijacked, (...)