Introducing NSS Pro

, by DnC

NSS monitors the proper functioning of a website and alerts the owner in the event of a slowdown or a breakdown. It is the most basic functionality of NSS and the most immediate to implement.

But NSS Pro is capable of much more, such as reporting a page hijacking or monitoring the DNS, testing the values of a response in JSON format or even the data-xxx values of HTML5.

NSS is a SaaS application distributed by DnC SaaS.


NSS Lite regularly performs user-defined tasks.

The most common task is to send an HTTP request to a website to monitor its online presence. The following figure shows the monitoring home page for nine websites, one of which is unresponsive:


When a task is in error, an alert is generated and entered in a table "Alerts":

This view presents sequences of similar events (same agent, rule Id, level and source IP). A new sequence is created if the interval between two similar events exceeds 3600 seconds. When normal operation is restored, the alert is kept in the table.

By clicking on +, additional information is displayed and, in particular, the response from the remote server:


A message is sent at the start of the alert to the E-mail address defined by the user:

Response time

NSS monitors response time. In addition to generating alerts in the event of an anomaly, NSS keeps a history and presents statistics on response times and availability:

The ideal tool for mobility

The SaaS (Software as a Service) formula is particularly advantageous for small or medium-sized companies who do not wish to manage complex applications on their own infrastructure. NSS monitoring works permanently on its own server, without having to be launched on one of your machines and without intervention on your part.

In addition, the application has been designed to be viewed on small smartphones as well as tablets and workstations.

On vacation, out of the office, in a meeting, it is the ideal tool to remain unconstrained with peace of mind: forget about NSS: NSS will not forget to alert you!

Much more with NSS Pro

Most so-called monitoring systems are actually tools that measure the performance of a website, not their readyness. It is an error: a broken down site which displays a simple error message is extremely efficient and will not cause an alert! These systems justify a high price by offering features that are useful during the development phase but rarely used by the vast majority of users when the site is in service.

NSS Lite offers an essential service: check that the pages are produced correctly, ensure Surveillance du temps de réponse and immediately alert in the event of an anomaly. NSS Pro goes far beyond:

The Règles de surveillance HTTP are used to check that a page is not hijacked, to test the values of a response in JSON format or even the data-xxx values of HTML5.

The Règles de surveillance DNS allow a precise examination of the functioning of the DNS.